Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Math in Our World

Math is all around us! Next week we're going to explore math in nature.

What creature made the yellow stuff in the photo? What is it? How could it be connected to math?

Share your ideas in the comments area.

Podcasting in the classroom

Listen to an audio question. Share your ideas.

Red Bird

So red!
Originally uploaded by SavageWave.
Do you think this bird is really red or is it just an edited photograph?

Cool Nature Experiences

Last summer we photographed this mountain goat in the Beartooth mountains of Wyoming. It was a really great nature experience. Read more about it on our Mountain Goats in the Beartooths page.

Share two of your cool nature experiences.

My Dream Vacation

Picture 342 (Small)
Originally uploaded by my_travels.
I've always been interested in the ancient Mayan Civilization. I think it would be cool to take an adventure vacation to explore the remains of this civilization. What's your dream vacation? Does it involve relaxation, adventure, or both?

What am I?

Originally uploaded by eduscapes.
I took this photo at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Can you identify the object in the photo? It looks like a giant brain.

What's the Object?

Examine this photograph from the Illinois State Museum website.

What do you think this is? When was it made? Who used it? Why?